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Funds@Work, founded originally by Dr Murat Ünal in 2000, was a unique strategy consulting firm dedicated to the investment industry and had won 2 dozens of international awards for its research and consulting services in the asset management sector.

The company globally pioneered the systematic application of social/organizational network analysis and visualization to create transparency in 1) conventional asset management, 2) socially responsible (ESG) investments as well as 3) Islamic Finance. Its seminal research in ESG investments (already starting in 2002) set many standards in the industry, and in 2005, already, the team won an award for a paper related to the crucial role of environmental, social and governance factors in institutional portfolios, at a time where Funds@Work was clearly setting the agenda for ESG investments. Its Small World of Islamic Finance related research became notorious globally providing unparalleled insights into the networks in which scholars operated at the board level of financial institutions.

In 2008, Funds@Work`s founder decided to move away from the sole focus on the asset management industry, and diversify into new sectors. This led to the establishment of SONEAN (www.ecosystem-intelligence.com) by Dr Murat Ünal in 2013. SONEAN already caters for clients in technology (e.g. agtech), and other relevant sectors thus offering its unique capabilities that have been developed since 2013 to a much broader audience. After over 250 international projects, in 20 years, Funds@Work ceased its activities in 2020 as Dr. Murat Ünal and his SONEAN team decided to focus on the future of actionable intelligence, and he dedicated his time fully to SONEAN. Welcome tomorrow!

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