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Funds@Work is a research based strategy consultant dedicated to the investment industry. For 15+ years we have been assisting international clients in their market entry as well as expansion projects across Europe, the Gulf, and Asia-Pacific. Among our customers are mainly asset management companies, portfolio managers, and other relevant entities of the asset management industry´s value chain. As part of our unique investor intelligence we have systematically been screening over 15,000 asset owners (covering over 70 trillion AUM) in the last 15 years on a daily basis. Hereby we use social network analysis (SNA) and visualization, in order to gain deep insights into their needs, motives and relationships, giving us a 360 degree perspective of the networks in which they are embedded.

We use this knowledge about our clients´customers to develop targeted strategies and carry them out in a holistic manner, building on solid data and methodologies rather than ”gut feeling“. We have won 2 dozens of international awards for our research which is the basis for our successful consulting practice and are known internationally to have pioneered the systematic application of social network analysis (SNA) and visualization (already in 2007/2008) to create more transparency in the global asset management industry.

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