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Funds@Work has pioneered the systematic application of network analysis within the investment industry, and in the last 10 years has been instrumental in writing some of the most influential reports in this area. In 2013 we assisted in incubating our sister entity SONEAN (www.sonean.com) which continues the tradition of network science based research applied to multiple industries, and has developed its unique Ecosystem Intelligence service. In the following we would like to highlight some seminal papers that Funds@Work contributed applying network network analysis:

Date: 01.01.2013
The Best of all Worlds – Towards a more Sustainable Financial System

Date: 01.06.2012
Unpicking the Ties that bind

Date 20.10.2010
The Importance of Socially Responsible Investments for Institutional Investors in Germany, Austria and Switzerland – A Network Analytical Perspective – RELOADED

Date 05.10.2010
The Small World of Islamic Finance (Version 5, initial version appeared in 2008)

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